Love for Three: The Complete Series

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Struggling to get his business off the ground, Damian Jackson takes on a gig that stretches his limits in ways he never imagined.

Meeting Jare Brooks ends up changing Damian’s whole world.

Love is the last thing Damian expected to find, but Jare won’t let his heart go.

Book cover

Jare needs a permanent threesome with a man and a woman to make his life complete. When someone he used to know reappears, she turns his world upside down.

As Jare’s past collides with his future, he ends up risking everything he has. Including the only two people he’s ever truly loved.

Book cover

Everything’s falling into place for Sophia. When she gets an offer to star in a reality TV series, her future looks even brighter.

But having hidden parts of her life exposed for the world to see brings trouble that she didn’t expect.

And it’s more than her bakery that’s on the line.