Dev Cameron

Coffee is the most essential writing tool in existence and having two cats around doesn’t hurt either.

Tony Chance

Tony recently relocated to London along with his partner and is loving every minute of it. He makes his living in finance but he can’t seem to stop making up stories. It seemed like a good idea to start putting them down on paper in his spare time. Yes, paper.

Jason Davis

A lifelong baseball fanatic, Jason grew up in San Diego but calls San Francisco home these days. Growing up, he wanted to be Superman. Now he wants to be with Superman. Needless to say, his wallpaper on all devices is Henry Cavill.

Corey James

Corey spent the first two decades of his life in Vegas and now lives and rocks in LA. He plays lead guitar in two bands when he’s not bartending or writing.

Ash Jay

Ash carries on a hot love affair with the written word on the rainy West Coast in the company of two great rabbits, and can’t help but visit local sex toy shops when travelling.

Violet Ray

Violet likes everything paranormal. Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns got her hooked in the beginning (Team Spike!) and now she can’t get enough of alternate worlds. She very much likes to make her own daydreams into stories that will carry people away into other worlds that they will enjoy experiencing as much as she does.

Alex Taylor

Native New Yorker Alex is a software engineer by day and writer by night. He enjoys travel, history and languages.

Bianca Vix

Bianca is a professional copywriter who loves to help design and sew costumes for her favorite local theatre company. She finds inspiration for everything she does in Shakespeare, especially A Midsummer Night’s Dream.