Excerpt: After Hours by Bianca Vix

Jen took a seat while Kade went back to packing, still telling her about his work, but she was having some trouble paying attention. Never having seen him in anything but a suit up before, she hadn’t known he had such a killer ass. He was wearing a black t-shirt and faded blue jeans, both of which hugged his body in very sexy ways.

As he picked up his things, Kade’s arm muscles flexed. Jen couldn’t tear her eyes away. It was all she could do to keep murmuring an occasional word to let him know she was listening as her whole body heated up, a throbbing ache beginning between her legs. She had to get a grip on herself.

“I’m glad you’re here, Jennilyn. I was going to give you a call.” Kade closed the box and came around the desk to stand in front of her.

“Really?” she said, struggling to keep her voice light and casual.

When his eyes met hers, Jen’s throat tightened. “I want to ask you something,” he said.

Kade’s intense gaze roved down her legs, making her wish it was his strong hands sliding over her body instead. Would he like it if she gripped his hair, tugging it hard while he was on top of her?

There was something new in his eyes. Definite interest.

“Jennilyn. You are so hot. Do you realize how badly I’ve wanted to....” Reaching out, Kade took her hand, helping her out of her chair. Keeping his fingers wrapped around hers, he lifted them up to his lips for a kiss.

Eyes glazed, Kade nibbled at the very tip of her thumb, his tongue darting out and teasing her skin.

Her breath catching, Jen gasped at the sensations flooding through her.

For an instant she closed her eyes. The touch of Kade’s lips on her skin was so exquisite, it was unbearable.

Jen’s whole body pulsed with awareness of his lips, his teeth, his tongue. In an instant, she was so hot for him she was hardly able to stand it.

His lips caught captured her in a firm, strong kiss, his hands running down her back, sending shivers up her spine.

Jen arched into him as he unbuttoned her jacket, reaching in, the warmth of his hand searing through the thin fabric of her top.

“So sexy,” Kade murmured, his finger tracing a line down her chest, stopping between her breasts.

Working her buttons open, strong hands circling around her breasts, Kade’s long fingers teased her nipples until she wanted to scream.

Was this really happening? Did Kade really have his hands on her, right here at the—hopefully deserted—office?

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