Excerpt: The Bachelor Party (An erotic short story)
by Alex Taylor

What I really wished he was doing was moaning uncontrollably while I swallowed his throbbing cock, sweat dripping from his naked body and so turned on he couldn’t even remember his own name.

I set my empty glass down. Somehow he had gone from toasting to talking about wedding plans, but even that didn’t dampen my arousal.

“Vince,” I broke in. “I think it’s covered.”

He refocused on me and gave me a smile. I took his glass from his hand and placed it carefully on the table, then pulled him into me. He started kissing me slowly again and it was all I could do to keep from grinding my teeth in frustration.

He was holding me tightly enough that I couldn’t easily get to his chest, so I stroked his thighs instead. In no time I slid a hand into his lap and I felt his growing erection underneath the cloth. I rubbed it briefly while our tongues twined around each other.

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