Excerpt: A Birthday Surprise by Bianca Vix

Kyra froze as Mason’s arm slid around her shoulders. What was he doing? She made a move to free herself, catching Parker’s eye at the same time. He was watching them intently, his eyes filled with unexpected lust. What on earth was that about?

“What do you say, Kyra? Should we both give Parker a birthday to remember?” Mason asked, rubbing her shoulder.

“Do you mean you’ve both been with the same woman...” Kyra asked, unable to even finish her thought. Parker had never mentioned anything like that.

“Back in college. Mason had a girlfriend who was open to a lot of things,” Parker said. Mason’s hand traced lines up Kyra’s leg, reaching her thigh, travelling higher.

His touch was mesmerizing. Was he really suggesting that the three of them have sex?

“What are you saying?” Kyra asked, wanting to make sure she wasn’t imagining his implication.

“Parker and I could both show you a great time,” Mason said. Parker wasn’t looking at all shocked at what his friend was saying. In fact, he looked even more turned on as Mason kept touching her.

Kyra’s throat had gone dry. This was very new territory for her. It would certainly be the wildest thing she had ever done.

Being with Parker and Mason at the same time could turn out to be a dream come true.

“That could be fun,” she said, her voice hoarse.

“Are you sure you’re okay with something like this, baby?” Parker asked her, brushing his lips against hers, setting her on fire. “Both of us?”

“Yes,” she breathed, looking between the two sets of brown eyes fixed on her. “Oh, yes.”

“Been awhile since we did this,” Parker murmured, running his hand down Kyra’s arm, looking at Mason.

“Too long,” Mason said, nibbling and kissing his way down her neck, nuzzling through her hair.

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