Excerpt: Curious by Jason Davis

I had stopped watching the video and kept my eyes on him, hoping he would touch me some more but afraid to say anything. To my total surprise he got down on his knees between my legs. He put a hand back onto my cloth-covered dick and brushed his other one over the exposed head.

The feeling of Jon’s warm fingers sent sparks shooting right through me. He started rubbing and stroking lightly and I moved my hips forward to uncover more of my dick. He slid his hand up under the leg of my shorts and ran it up and down my shaft. It felt so amazing I couldn’t speak.

He fondled me this way for a few minutes and then stood up. This put his erection right in front of my face and I stared straight at it, wondering what it would feel like to touch him the way he had been touching me. Without taking a step back, he tugged his shorts and underwear off in one quick motion.

His dick was really hard and pulsing. I looked up and saw him watching me, waiting for me to do something. Tentatively I reached out and ran my hand up his shaft. It was the first time I had touched another guy’s penis and surprisingly it felt better than touching my own. His dick was about six inches long, same as mine but a little bit thicker. I gripped it and started stroking him, making him groan. He thrust his hips a little and I moved my other hand to my dick.

Suddenly we heard a crash and both of us froze. Jon looked as terrified as I felt. But before we could even make a move, he relaxed.

“It’s okay. It’s just the dog,” he told me.

Even with that scare I was still super horny and aching for release. Jon stretched out on the bed and I saw he was in the same state. My heart was racing as I pulled my shorts off and lay down beside him, more turned on than I had ever been. He reached for my hard dick and curled his hand around it. I grabbed for his and we lay there stroking each other’s throbbing erections.

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