Excerpt: Hot Bisexual Stories by Bianca Vix

I imagined it was me that Bruce couldn’t resist. I was lost in a very pleasant fog thinking about what it would be like if he fucked me while Stephanie watched. And then I noticed something new.

Bruce was massaging my ass, and very thoroughly. That was different. He hadn’t touched my ass once last time we did this. His strokes were firm but also kind of loving and tender.

I didn’t know what to make of that so I turned my head towards Stephanie, who was sitting on the sofa with her eyes glued to us. She looked really turned on.

I remembered the times she had joked about how hot it would be to watch me with another man. It only occurred to me right then that maybe she hadn’t been joking.

“Time to turn over, Paul.” Bruce’s voice broke into my musing.

Again I tried to see if he was checking me out when I flipped over, but I didn’t catch him looking. He draped a towel over my groin but when he stepped away the towel slipped to the floor, leaving my rock-hard cock exposed.

And he didn’t cover me back up. Surprised, I watched him while he began to work on my foot, sending shivers up my spine while he rubbed the sensitive flesh. I had never been ticklish before but his expert fingers were doing something to me.

And then Stephanie was beside me, leaning down to give me a deep kiss while she took my hard cock in her hand. Holy shit. I couldn’t believe she was doing that right in front of our friend. I didn’t know what Bruce would do, but he just kept up his increasingly sensual massage.

When Stephanie broke our kiss and straightened up, I got a clear view of Bruce. I couldn’t miss the definite bulge in his loose pants now. Stephanie kept her hand on my cock and started stroking it.

When Bruce decided he was done with my other foot, he moved casually around the table. Without a word Stephanie let go of my cock and then Bruce’s hand replaced hers. I was speechless as I felt his warm, strong hand caressing my swollen shaft.

While I was taking in this new turn of events, Stephanie stripped off her top and bra. She leaned over my head so her breasts were right in my face. I cupped my hands around them, not wasting any time getting a hard nipple into my mouth. I loved sucking her nipples almost as much as she loved having me do it. She moaned in ecstasy when I lowered one hand down, reaching up under her skirt and finding my way into her damp underwear.

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