Excerpt: Scorch 3

Even as tired as I was, I ended up tossing and turning. Thoughts of Jim and what he looked like naked kept invading my mind, and my cock stiffened when I pictured his strong legs, flexing while he worked on that rope earlier. I had never noticed before but his ass was about perfect, round and firm and tight.

I thought back to when I last did anything remotely sexual with another guy. It was nothing beyond some jerking off as a teenager with a couple of friends. We had never touched each other, only watched each other stroking our hard cocks to orgasm. I would get so hot and horny on watching the other guy’s hand on his erection that I would come so much faster than I did when I was by myself.

I wanted badly to reach over and feel my friend’s cock, to hold it and jerk it for him, but I could never get up the nerve to make a move. I had a strong desire to touch a cock that wasn’t my own, and even to see what it would be like to suck on one. But I was too shy to attempt anything like that and had to settle for just jerking off side by side with one friend or another.

The thing is, the friend I jerked off with most often was Jim. And now all of those thoughts I used to have about going further with him had resurfaced.

Almost without me realizing it, my hand had moved to my cock. I stroked slowly, imagining it was Jim’s hand instead of my own. I smoothed the leaking pre-come over my erection as if it was an afterthought, as if I wasn’t so hot I could barely restrain myself.

The thought of Jim’s mouth replacing my hand came into my head unbidden and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My hand flew up and down my aching cock. I could almost feel Jim’s tongue running all over me. Knowing he was in bed only a few feet from me, maybe jerking off too, was too much. I tried to suppress a loud groan as I came hard, drenching my chest and stomach.

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