Excerpt: A Summer Dream by Bianca Vix

Ty waved towards a couple of large lounge chairs off to his right. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a few.”

Instead of sitting, Lillah walked around the entire length of the pool. This was like a dream come true. No. A fantasy, really. And she was going to let herself get caught up in it. There was no reason not to have a break from reality, even a short one. If only for a little while, she could leave everything else behind and pretend that a life like this belonged to her.

She had just taken a seat on the lounge chair when Ty reappeared, drinks in hand. He had taken his shirt off, giving her an eyeful of his very nice abs.

Setting the glasses on a small table, he sat down on the chair beside her, so close his leg brushed hers. Even that gentle touch on her bare skin gave her instant goose bumps.

His hand, cool from carrying the ice-filled glass, came to rest just above her knee. “You’re gorgeous,” he said, his eyes capturing hers. The look on his face was crystal clear. I have to have you, right now.

Lillah gave herself over to the moment.

Deep blue eyes sparkling, Ty took hold of her shoulders, tracing a fingertip down her cheek, reaching her lips. And right there, outside as the sun set and darkness took over, his hungry lips met hers.

At first Lillah stiffened, even though she thought she was ready. It had been a long time since someone had kissed her passionately and for a few seconds it felt so different, it seemed wrong.

Then her body remembered and relaxed, accepting his touch. Her lips softened as she pressed into him.

His long fingers moved from her waist, around her breast, his other hand around the back of her neck, holding her close against him.

It was so different to be with a new man, one who was completely unfamiliar to her. His body was firm and muscular, rock-solid under her hands as they roved over his shoulders and down his back.

“Mmm,” he murmured, pulling back. His eyes were darker now, giving away his desire. For her. There were times Lillah had wondered if she would ever be with another man again. And now here she was, in a fantasy-land, a whole different L.A. than the one she knew, no-one to be accountable to, absolute freedom.

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