Excerpt: Try by Bianca Vix

“You’re new here, aren’t you?”

I looked up to see Tasha standing beside me, covered only by her loosely-tied robe. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

The view wasn’t doing me any good in my efforts to will my erection away.

“I’m Tasha.”

“Damian. Yeah, I’m taking Phil’s place today.”

I had to stand up and Tasha, of course, couldn’t miss the condition I was in.

“Hey, you should be over there with us, not hidden away behind the camera. You are just too cute. Want some help with that, sweetie?”

“Um…” For some reason my eyes went to Jare, still naked and standing across the room talking with someone.

She noticed where I was looking and smiled at me. “Never mind.”

“No, I—” But she was already gone. For god’s sake. Somehow I’d just let a hot woman think I was more interested in a guy than in her.

How could I look over at Jare when there was a hottie like Tasha standing right in front of me, making me an offer like that?

Figuring it would be best just to get out of there, I packed everything up quickly. This time when I turned around I nearly bumped into Jare, who had come up behind me.

He was standing closer to me than he should have been. I made an effort to be casual, hoping he wouldn’t notice my discomfort.

His hair was loose, wild and sweaty, and the only thing covering him was a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Tasha was right,” he said, running his eyes not very discreetly over my body.

“About what?” I croaked.

“You’re huge. What a waste for you to be shooting when you should be putting on the show.”

I shook my head, speechless again. And then he reached out to me, his fingers slowly tracing the outline of my erection through the taut denim of my jeans. I don’t know why I didn’t knock his hand away. I should have left, but I was frozen in place. The only part of my body which seemed to be working was my cock, which throbbed in response his touch.

“Nice,” he said.

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