Excerpt: Yearn by Jason Davis

I collapsed down on the sofa beside him. Jon started massaging his fingers around my shoulders.

My shoulder wasn’t that sore and the pain went away after only a couple of minutes, but I didn’t stop him. Jon’s hands felt amazing. Instantly my cock got rock-hard.

I inhaled deeply and the unique smell of Jon filled my lungs. Of all the things I had missed most about him, his scent was at the top of the list. It was strong and warm and spicy, and something else I couldn’t quite define. I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy with arousal. Did he know how much he still turned me on?

There was a very light touch on my neck. It felt like a kiss but it was so faint I wasn’t sure if I had only imagined it. He had been kneading my muscles but now he was almost caressing me. My breathing was getting ragged and I realized how loud it sounded in the silent living room. Surely he had noticed it.

All I could think about was running my tongue all over his bare skin, tracing every line and tasting every inch of him once again. My body tensed up and I could barely restrain myself from turning around and pushing him down, filling my mouth with his cock until I could feel him shake from an intense orgasm.

My erection throbbed at the thought of being with Jon and I wanted more than anything for him to reach around and curl his fingers around my aching cock.

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