Excerpt: A Twist of Love by Ash Jay

“That right?” he said, his fingers rubbing over the bulge in my tightening jeans. His husky voice poured right over me like liquid lube. I swallowed and nodded. I had been dreaming of a moment like this for years but in a wild moment of paranoia I wondered if he was setting me up.

The silence was shattered by a sudden sound. Someone’s phone was ringing. I was in such a daze I couldn’t tell right away whether it was his or mine.

After a few seconds Myles pulled away and went over to the kitchen table, picking up his phone. While he speaking I tried vainly to get my breathing back under control.

A moment later he returned.

“My sister,” he said, and all I could do was swallow and nod.

It was his chance to back out, to claim it was a drunken mistake. Or even pretend nothing had happened. He looked wary but there was something else in his expression too. An awareness of the heat between us.

It was then I heard my breath rasping and I tried to calm down. I didn’t quite manage before Myles’s lips were pressed against mine and a jolt of lust overtook my fear.

His hands were insistent, running all over my body before stopping again at my zipper. Working it open, his long fingers traced the edges of my very hard, throbbing cock, making me gasp.

Curling his hand, he took hold of my shaft in a strong grip. I was so hot I was panicking slightly.

Plunging his tongue deeply into my willing mouth, his kiss went from curious to demanding. My cock was like a steel bar between us. The heat from his kiss sent flames coursing through my veins.

Gripping him tightly, I ran my hands down his back and reached that taut ass I admired so much. His solid body felt so good against mine, his erection pushing against my thigh.

And yet part of me was still holding back. Deep down I knew I should stop him before we went to far. No more straight guys. I’d sworn off them.

And I knew very well that having sex with a crush was no way to get over it, that I would end up wanting him more.

But it was Myles.

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